Chemical Overhaul Of Outdoor Unit  


If your air conditioner has been working for over 2 years without proper maintenance; the condensing coil had checked badly; compressor has over heated and PC control board over current, then it is time to do overhaul chemical washing.

Chemical overhaul of outdoor unit is to improve your air conditioner equipment performance up to best condition. And save on energy cost up to 50%.

Scope of Work for condensing unit chemical washing.  
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  • Discharging of refrigerant system.
  • Disconnect the electrical wire and copper tube, Dismantle the outdoor unit and carry into the house.
  • Dismantle the cover, metal casing and electrical parts.
  • Flush the condensing coil with chemical solution to clear off stubborn stains.
  • Assemble it back to its original position.
  • Lubricate all the moving parts.
  • Cleaning of propeller fan.
  • Install condensing unit back to original position, connect the refrigerant pipe.
  • Use vacuum pump to vacuum the refrigerant system.
  • Recharging of refrigerant into the system.
  • Top up of refrigerant and refrigerant oil.
  • Checking of fan coil unit operating condition and temperature
  • Checking of the operation of compressor and fan motor.
  • Checking of the pressure of refrigerant system and refrigerant oil condition.
  • Checking of system running current.

Importance Note: All the chemical washing can not be done outside the house, and the waste water must be disposed carefully. This is to protect our environment and new water source.





Usual Price

Promotion Price

1 hp - 1.5 hp


S$210.00 +0.00%GST

2 hp - 3 hp


S$210.00 +0.00%GST

3 hp - 4 hp


S$330.00 +0.00%GST

4 hp - 5 hp


S$390.00 +0.00%GST

5 hp - 10 hp


S$460.00 +0.00%GST

** Prices listed above are based on per wall mounted fan coil unit

Key Benefits

  • Save on energy costs 25% ~ 50%.
  • Quieter operation and increase cooling capacity.
  • Pro-long the life span of the equipment.
  • Detection of any abnormal function.
  • Prevent major repair and breakdown.

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