Annual Maintenance Contract Service  


This is the best way to keep your air conditioner in top working condition at any time. Leave the entire problem to us, we will provide a full year warranty for you.

Maintenance contract is another after-sales service that will not only improve the system performance, but will also save on energy and repair costs and prolong the life span of the air-conditioner.

What do you get for Contract Maintenance

  • Dismantle cover, air filter, and wash with Chemical to kill virus and molds.
  • Vacuum the drainage system thoroughly.
  • Cleaning of cross flow fan.
  • Wipe the evaporator coil.
  • Wipe dry entire air conditioner component.
  • Assemble air conditioner components back to original positions.
  • Checking of the operation of fan motor and blower.
  • Checking of the operation of evaporator coil.
  • Checking of fan coil unit operating condition and temperature.
  • Checking of condensing coil condition.
  • Checking of the operation of compressor and fan motor.
  • Checking of the pressure of refrigerant system and refrigerant condition.
  • Checking of system running current.
  • Topping up of refrigerant and refrigerant oil.
  • Chemical cleaning of evaporator coils and cross fan as and when necessary.
  • Priority for all break down inspections at no additional charges and respond within 24 hrs.



Type of System

4 Times per Year

6 Times per Year

12 Times per Year

System 1 (9000BTU to 12000BTU)

S$144.00 + 0.00%GST

S$216.00 + 0.00%GST

S$432.00 + 0.00%GST

System 1 (18000BTU to 24000BTU)

S$156.00 + 0.00%GST

S$234.00 + 0.00%GST

S$468.00 + 0.00%GST

System 2

S$240.00 + 0.00%GST

S$360.00 + 0.00%GST

S$720.00 + 0.00%GST

System 3

S$336.00 + 0.00%GST

S$504.00 + 0.00%GST

S$1008.00 + 0.00%GST

System 4

S$432.00 + 0.00%GST

S$648.00 + 0.00%GST

S$1296.00 + 0.00%GST

The above price(s) does not include product repair (where necessary after checking), cost of replacement of spare parts, chemical washing, topping-up of refrigerant.

For commercial contracts, please contract us for quantity discount.

Key Benefits

  • Cleaner air to breathe in
  • Save on energy costs and total maintenance costs
  • Pro-long the life span of the equipment
  • Prevent water dripping and condensation problems
  • Detection of any abnormal function
  • Prevent major repairs / breakdowns
  • Respond within 24 hrs for any problem

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