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Air condition water heater is different from electrical water heater. The electrical water heater produces heat from heater coil, and the maximum energy efficiency is only 98%. However, the air condition water heater does not produce heat, it carries the heat from atmosphere to water.

So, electrical efficiency of heater can be up to 450%. This means 1kw electrical energy can carry 4.5 times heat energy from atmosphere to water.


At the same time, the air condition COP can be up to 6.5 w/w when water heater is operated. This means the energy label should be super excellent (the excellent air condition COP is only 3.5)

The air condition water heater is also a quick heater which can provide heated water at any time.






Please type in the Electricity Rate (per KWh) & Daily Usage (minutes) to compare the electricity costing between 3kw Electrical Instant Water Heater & Zero E Hot Water System.

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3kw electrical instant water heater

Zero E hot water system

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Benefits for using Zero E Free Hot Water System:
1. There is free hot water produced when we use air condition
2. Save up to 70% electricity cost for using Zero E system to produce hot water to instead of the electrical water heater
3. Air condition efficiency can be increase up to 20%
4. Improve the air condition working condition, prolong the air condition life
5. Reducing 80% or even totally eliminating the hot air discharged from air condition, keeping our environment cool.













Benefits of energy labeling:

When buying an appliance, apart from the upfront cost, consumers are advised to also consider the energy costs that would be incurred in running it. Energy efficient appliances will be cheaper to run in the long run.

The energy label helps consumers identify and select energy-efficient appliances as the appliances can help you lower your electricity consumption and your electricity bill.

By lowering your electricity consumption, you would be doing your part in cutting carbon emissions which are the main cause of global warming and climate changes.





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